NCBR implements the European Green Deal approach

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National Centre for Research and Development in Poland (NCBR) as the largest agency financing R&D&I projects in Central Europe has prepared programmes which bring Poland closer to the goal of climate neutrality. In its activities, NCBR combines not only the world of science and business, but also solves specific problems for the society and civilization as well as fulfils citizens' needs, such as providing healthy food, modern and energy-efficient housing, heat, electricity, clean water and air. They are the basis of nine environmental initiatives that fit into the European Green Deal strategy and are financed from European Structural and Investment Funds. To meet all the needs, NCBR calls for proposals will be in line with the principles of the circular economy.

Published NCBR programmes:

  • Energy and process-efficient construction
  • Innovative biogas plant
  • Wastewater treatment plant of the future
  • Combined heat and power plant in a local energy system

Forthcoming NCBR programmes:

  • Electrical energy storage
  • Energy storage – cold and/or heat
  • Ventilation for schools and homes
  • Home retention technology
  • Combined heat and power plant in the energy cluster

In search of new ways of financing innovation, NCBR has been implementing programmes in the new formula. Thanks to the use of best global practices in the field of R&D&I financing process management and inspiration from the American research agency DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency), it has developed a model based on the idea of ​​problem-driven research. At the heart of the programmes based on this new formula lies a specific challenge which cannot be solved with available tools and resources. Therefore, the aim is to work out new solutions for a specifically defined problem by conducting research and development activities. National Centre for Research and Development in Poland acts as the ordering party which defines the challenge, thus creating a new market for innovative products. By deciding on such a solution, NCBR plans that by 2023 a final demonstrator of developed technologies will be established at end of each project. Among other things, project outcomes will include new buildings built in a modular way within a few months which will produce more energy than they need, domestic installations providing 50-80% of water from the rainfall, a wastewater treatment plant producing fertilizers and clean water, a biogas plant producing methane and fertilizers, a combined heat and power plant based on generating 80% of its energy from renewable energy sources. In order to ensure that the air is clean and prevent energy loss, there will also be developed home electrical energy storages, home retention systems using 50-80% of water from the rainfall, as well as recuperation and ventilation systems for old buildings or schools.

These projects are financed with the European Regional Development Fund and their total budget is EUR 45 million.

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