COST to boost cooperation with EU’s Joint Research Centre

01 Jun 2023 | Network Updates | Update from COST Association
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COST is delighted to have intensified cooperation with the Joint Research Centre (JRC) over recent years, as formalised by a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed by the two organisations back in 2015. This MoU has recently been extended until early 2028 in order to continue the successful collaboration.

The primary objective of the updated MoU is to maintain and intensify the ongoing partnership between the JRC and COST Association on strategic items of mutual interest. In addition, the MoU will form the basis for exchange of information and best practices between the partners; and working arrangements between the JRC and COST. 

Based on new forms of collaboration implemented over the last year, in particular in the areas of gender equality and science for policy, new opportunities for cooperation have been outlined in the MoU. Over the next years the development of synergies between COST and the JRC and implementation of joint activities in areas of mutual interest and expertise will be implemented through the following activities:

The JRC’s mission is to provide independent, evidence-based scientific and technical support to EU policies throughout the entire policy cycle. The JRC addresses key societal challenges, encourages innovation through developing new methods, tools and standards while sharing its expertise with Member States, the scientific community, and international partners.

This extended MoU will serve as a foundation for future cooperation and partnership between the JRC and the COST Association. The JRC and COST are committed to promoting innovation, research, and knowledge sharing for the benefit of EU policies and citizens.

This article was first published on 22 May by COST Association.

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