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04 Nov 2021 | Network Updates | Update from COST Association
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On 25 to 29 October 2021, the Southern African Research & Innovation Management Association Leadership in Research & Innovation Management, SARIMA, organised its annual conference virtually.

SARIMA is an organisation that brings together researchers and innovators and provides opportunities for research and innovation (R&I) management professionals from southern Africa and beyond, to connect, engage, network, and share best practices.

The annual SARIMA conference is the flagship event with this year theme: “Embracing Change in a Shifting World – Managing Openness, Collaboration, Sharing and Benefit in Research and Innovation.”

On 28 October 2021, Dr Ronald de Bruin, the Director of the COST Association was invited by the representatives of the Department of Science and Innovation of South Africa to give a presentation with the objective to raise awareness about the Programme and increase its visibility in South Africa.

The aim of the session was to provide information and networking opportunities for the South African researchers and boost future collaborations through COST Network.

The presentations highlighted

  • Opportunities for South African researchers both via the Open Call application as well as to join ongoing COST Actions (multi-stakeholder partnership from various actors, such as academics, non-academics, SMEs, international organisations, public authorities, etc.)
  • Leadership positions in COST Actions (Working Groups Leaders, Science Communication Coordinator, Other leadership positions)
  • Networking activities and training opportunities provided by the COST Academy
  • Successful pathway towards other funding schemes in the ERA, creating synergies between scientific, technological and innovation communities; spin-off proposals where the success rate is above 37%

South Africa and COST

South Africa became a COST Partner Member in 2019. In that year, COST was invited to the annual Science Forum of South Africa in Pretoria.

During the last two years the relations between the science communities have been further reinforced shown by a growing number of COST Actions welcoming partners from South Africa.

Currently there are 27 COST Actions running with one or more South African partners compared to 19 COST Actions in 2019. The 27 running COST Actions represents slightly more than 9% of all running Actions compared to 6% in 2019.

The session aimed at strengthening and stimulating what has already been achieved since South Africa became COST Partner member. COST is committed to further promote the programme and support the South African research and innovators community.

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