Aalto University-led project "UNITE!" secures €2M of Horizon 2020 budget to boost universities' R&I

27 Aug 2020 | Network Updates

UNITE! is awarded an additional 2 million Euro funding from the EU – under the Horizon 2020 “Science with and for Society” call – in order to boost the Research and Innovation dimension of the European Universities.

This additional funding will support the development of a shared, integrated, long-term Research and Innovation strategy for UNITE!, which has the ambition to transform European higher education through multidisciplinary, multicultural and multilingual education, research and entrepreneurship.

Aalto will lead the open science, research and open innovation work package of the proposal. Professor Robin Gustafsson of the Department of Industrial Engineering and Management leads the research of the proposal at Aalto. The grant will allow UNITE! to address some of today´s grand societal challenges thus creating a larger impact than its seven members could have individually.

This article was first published on 20 August by Aalto University.

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