Aalto University: EU gives €20 million to consortium working on future radar research

26 Sep 2022 | Network Updates | Update from Aalto University
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Aalto University

Photo: Aalto University website.

The European Defence Fund (EDF) is a flagship initiative of the European Commission, the goal of which is to promote European defence cooperation by supporting competitive cooperation projects. Now EDF has now selected 61 joint defence R&D projects to be financed, with the EU support totalling almost EUR 1.2 billion.

With selected proposals, EDF supports high-quality defence capability projects such as next-generation fighters, tanks and ships, critical defence technologies as well as development in artificial intelligence, semiconductors, microelectronics design, space, quantum technology and cyber security.

A total of 23 different organisations from several countries participate in the consortium implementing the ARTURO project. In addition to Aalto University, the Finnish partners include CoreHW, a long-term partner in microdesign with Aalto University, and Saab, a strategic partner. The funding is for three years.

‘The goal of the ARTURO consortium is to study future sensors in the radar industry. The project supports the European goal of becoming one of the microchip manufacturers in the future. At Aalto University, we focus on microelectronics and research on integrated circuits within radars, says Professor Jussi Ryynänen.

Further information on funding.

This article was first published on 21 September by Aalto University.

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