Bring on the science superstars

Bring on the science superstars: In an age when schoolchildren are obsessed with celebrity, they need to see science creates heroes too, writes Dave Madden.
25 Mar 2009

Why can’t Johnny compute?

With an estimated 40 per cent of the EU population lacking computer skills, it’s no wonder that the European Commission is launching a series of initiatives to promote digital literacy.
16 Oct 2008

Innovation: It takes a village

Director Leon Sandler talks about how MIT’s Deshpande Center is attracting a combination of entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and managers to jump start new ideas in science and technology.
14 Nov 2007

UCLs modernising plan to go ahead

Big changes are in store for one of Britain’s most prestigious universities if, as expected, University College London signs off on a modernising green paper from Provost Malcolm Grant.

12 Jun 2007