Bulgaria launches AI research centre to woo science and tech talent

12 Apr 2022 | News

The government hopes public and private investments in new centre will help Bulgaria reverse brain drain and make the capital city Sofia a top destination for computer scientists

Kiril Petkov, Bulgarian prime minister. Photo: Bulgarian government

The Bulgarian government announced with great fanfare the launch of a new artificial intelligence (AI) and computer science research institute in Sofia, which is intended to boost the country’s credentials as a science and technology hub in central and eastern Europe.

Bulgarian prime minister Kiril Petkov said the government is putting $100 million into the Institute for computer science, artificial intelligence and technology (INSAIT). Tech companies Google, DeepMind, Amazon and SiteGround announced an additional $10.5 million investment, while Bulgarian entrepreneurs will invest $600,000.

“This model of financing will create a bridge between science and business, supported by the government and the state,” Petkov said at the launch event in Sofia on Monday.

Petkov is a technocrat who took office in December, ending…

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