The Ecosystem: Croatia looks forward to ubiquitous artificial intelligence

25 Jan 2023 | News

Croatia is building a broad community of artificial intelligence innovators, start-ups, and early adopters that it hopes will give it an edge as AI becomes as common as the internet

Croatia’s artificial intelligence (AI) ecosystem is booming, and those involved are already preparing for the next phase, in which AI becomes as ubiquitous as the internet.

“We missed, and most of Europe missed, the internet wave 30 years ago,” said Mislav Malenica, president of the Croatian Artificial Intelligence Association (CroAI). “We watched from the side-lines, and in the end, we are all consumers. In Croatia, there is a feeling that AI is a new chance, and this time we should take it.”

Željko Krizmanić, coordinator of the specialist Bird Incubator in Zagreb, agrees. “Now you can say…

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