The Widening membership

On September 7th 2022, in Brussels, Science|Business launched a brand-new media service and event series focused on research and tech policy and investment in central and eastern Europe – the so-called ‘Widening’ zone under the European Union’s Horizon Europe programme. In November we held the first Widening event in Prague.

The open access news channel, led by CEE-based expert journalist Florin Zubaşcu with the Science|Business team, is an important contribution to Europe’s unity. It tracks the region’s R&D growth and challenges – and fills a much-needed space in the media landscape for stakeholders in the east or west trying to connect with research leaders and policymakers involved in the region.  

Beyond the news, Science|Business connects representatives from industry, governments, research and academia through exclusive events and a virtual community.  

We are now forming a select group of Founding Members, to help us not only support the initiative but also to contribute to its shaping and strategic direction. 

We are currently still open to applications from leading organisations, ranging from academia, research, government as well as the private sector, to join to form a core group of 12-15 Founding Members. 

So far, the leaders below, representing first-tier research organisations, are working with us to build and shape the Widening initiative:

  • Adéla Jiroudková, Head of Department of Science and Research, Charles University, Czech Republic
  • Aleksander Vukkert, Chief Officer of Research and Development Projects - Research Administration Office, Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia
  • Borbála Schenk, Head of International Department, National Research, Development and Innovation Office, Government of Hungary
  • Ewa Kocińska Lange, Director of the NCBR office in Brussels, National Centre for Research and Development, Poland
  • Monica Dietl, Executive Coordinator, Initiative for Science in Europe, France
  • Siret Rutiku, Head of the Grant Office, University of Tartu, Estonia
  • Tadas Tumènas, Head of Lithuanian RDI Liaison Office LINO, Lithuania

Members will meet privately, on a quarterly basis, to set the agenda for The Widening event series. They will also interact regularly via The Widening member-only online platform. A first meeting of the Founding Members group took place in January 2023, and set the foundation for that year's programme of activities.

Want to become a Member?

  • Work with us to build and shape the Widening initiative 

  • Publish a sponsor-written article (or video or podcast provided by the member) in 2 issues of The Widening newsletter  

  • 2 seats in all Widening closed-door events (minimum 3 a year) 

  • Senior speaker role at 1 closed-door event 

  • A dedicated 30-minute sponsored session (for which the member picks the topic and speakers) at the Widening annual conference  

  • Logo as a 'Member' on every Widening newsletter and on the dedicated Widening webpage on  

The contribution we ask of each Member, for the first year of The Widening, is EUR 5,000 (+VAT if applicable). 

For more information, you may contact Edit Herczog at [email protected]., or Denitsa Nikolova at [email protected].