Research associations reinforce call for €120B Horizon Europe budget

17 Sep 2019 | News

In a renewed call for a bigger budget, 93 research associations argue two thirds of Horizon Europe money should be ring fenced for global challenges and boosting industrial competitiveness

In an unprecedented show of strength, European research and innovation associations are jointly calling for the EU to raise the budget for Horizon Europe at least €120 billion in its 2021-27 multiannual budget.

In a letter signed by 93 associations, research and innovation stakeholders call on member states to support an increase from €94 to €120 billion. “The programme will need an adequate budget at the level of its ambitions,” research associations say. “This would ensure that Horizon Europe delivers on its promises.”

The associations claim a €120 billion budget will help Europe create “up to 100,000 jobs in [research and innovation] activities between 2021-2027, but also €11 of GDP in return for each €1 invested over 25 years.”

The budget hike would “secure Europe’s seat amongst the frontrunners of the technological revolution,” the letter says.

Research associations want to see two thirds of the budget ring fenced for global challenges and the European industrial competitiveness pillar. But this clashes with demands from universities to boost the budget of other parts of Horizon Europe, such as the European Research Council.

The European Parliament has also called for a higher budget. However, the basis of the upcoming budget negotiation is still uncertain, with the timing and terms of the UK’s departure yet to be decided. A difference of perspectives between member states on budget priorities will also influence the amount of money allocated to Horizon Europe.

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