A brief history of Canada’s participation in EU research programmes

09 Jul 2024 | News

To celebrate the association of Canada to Horizon Europe, we look at the country’s performance over the nine Framework Programmes

Vancouver, city in Canada. Photo credits: Hannamariah / Flickr

It has been a long time coming since 1987, when the first Canadian entity joined a European research project, but now Canada is officially in the Horizon Europe family, as the 19th country associated to the programme.

From 1987 to today, 286 Canadian organisations have taken part in 919 EU projects, and it is hoped the level of participation will increase now that the formalities are over.

But while association will make it easier for organisations and researchers to apply for funding, the money question will remain. With association countries required to match the funding awarded to their applicants, Canada is expected to make a significant contribution to Horizon Europe. Over the course of the last three framework programmes, Canadian participants have raked in…