Here’s what you need to know about MSCA doctoral networks

21 May 2024 | News

Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions will launch €608.6M call for Horizon Europe’s biggest researcher training programme next week

The European Commission will open this year’s €608.6 million MSCA doctoral networks call for proposals next week. Here’s what the programme funds and who is eligible to apply.  

Doctoral networks is a very popular, and thus oversubscribed, EU funding programme for forming international research networks to train doctoral students. In the 2024 call, the Commission will select 150 new networks to fund with Horizon Europe money.

With just 14.4% of applications being successful, competition is tough. Of the 3,088 proposals submitted in the first three years, 82% passed the standard to get funding, but only 17.3% did so.

“It could create frustration amongst applicants, because it takes some time and energy to set up such large networks and the success rates…