Here’s how much Horizon Europe money was handed out in lump sums by the end of 2023

07 May 2024 | News

As the roll out of this less bureaucratic type of funding continues, we look at how it has been distributed

Photo credits: European Union

Horizon Europe’s roll out of lump sum funding is gathering speed, with €1.3 billion awarded in the new, less reporting-heavy way by the end of 2023, according to the European Commission.

Lump sums were introduced to the Horizon Europe research programme after a relatively small trial in the previous programme Horizon 2020. Beneficiaries no longer have to account for every euro spent, instead getting funding as a lump sum.

The intention is to reduce bureaucratic overheads and cut high error rates in EU spending on research. However, the move hasn’t been particularly popular. Here’s a list of reasons why research managers are sceptical.