Commission to publish long-awaited explainer of its grant terms

07 May 2024 | News

After several years of delay, the Annotated Grant Agreement setting out the fine print of Horizon Europe grant terms, is due ‘imminently’

Photo credits: European Union / Flickr

The European Commission is about to publish the full Horizon Europe Annotated Grant Agreement (AGA) this month, after several years of delay.

“The (re)publication of a fully-fledged corporate AGA is imminent,” a Commission spokeswoman told Science|Business, confirming it is expected this month.

The AGA is an explainer of the complexities of the Model Grant Agreement that beneficiaries of all EU programmes sign when they start a project. It is an essential reference that provides explanations and examples of how to deal with various situations that may arise when dealing with the myriad reporting rules.

The Commission published a draft version in 2021, when EU programmes funded by the current long term budget got underway…