Commission launches public consultation for Digital Europe plan

25 Jul 2019 | News

EU seeking ideas to shape initial years of proposed €9.2B digital infrastructure programme

The European Commission on Thursday launched a public consultation on the direction of the first two years of its new, seven-year Digital Europe infrastructure plan.

Digital Europe proposes to invest €9.2 billion in supercomputing, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, advanced digital skills, and societal uptake of new technology.

The public’s views will help shape the programme's work plans and calls for proposals for 2021-2022.

The plan wants to get Europe using and developing more of its own technology rather than relying on US or Asian products and services. Strengthening Europe’s infrastructure in computing and communications, in the face of dominant US and Asian competitors, is a prime aim.

The Commission wants the EU contribution of €9.2 billion to be matched by participating member states.

According to the proposal, €2.7 billion will be spent on supercomputing and data processing infrastructure to generate computing power needed to shake up the healthcare sector, to help improve driverless car safety and accelerate the development and use of renewable energy.

Another €2.5 billion will be invested in spreading artificial intelligence-based technologies, while €2 billion will be spent on cybersecurity equipment and infrastructure. Another €700 million is earmarked for digital skills development.

Finally, €1.3 billion was proposed for funding implementation of e-government services in public administrations across Europe.

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