19 Jan 2017   |   Policy paper

DIGITALEUROPE: Don’t forget industry

DIGITALEUROPE details its opinion on the next Framework programme. It makes the case for the next Framework programme to better attract big business.

The representation of big business in the digital technology industry across Europe, DIGITALEUROPE, provides a perspective grounded in industry. They make a case for increasing the future Framework’s simplification, inter-programme coordination and applicant success rate. In assessing proposals across the innovation chain, they call for their evaluation in terms of European added value but also lead time, impact and leverage effects. Making the case for ICT’s role in growth across all sectors, they suggest it needs to have sufficient funding to maximise its leverage of cross sectoral growth.

From the text:

“…grants for collaborative projects are the most important form of funding. The funding form of grants that partly reimburse the total costs presents a good balance between public and private interests.”

“Industry participation in evaluation tasks is required to ensure that the selected projects serve the interest of the markets in the most efficient way…”

“…the right to opt out of the Open Access to Research Data policy must remain”

Read the full report here

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