19 Jan 2017   |   Policy paper

Universities of Applied Sciences for Europe (UAS4Europe): Open arms to new applicants

The Universities of Applied Sciences for Europe has laid out its key reforms: focussing on improving the experience researchers in applied sciences will have in using the future Framework programme.

UAS4Europe, representing a number of associations of universities of applied science, has given its outlook on how the next Framework programme should be built. It argues for a simplification of the European-level R&I policy outlook, incorporating them all into one programme with common administrative rules (in so far as possible). It provides the perspective of applied scientists, who may not have the same level of administrative support as larger institutions, and calls for a shallower learning curve with an introductory programme to familiarise hesitant newcomers with the framework. On the other hand, they also make a case for a greater acknowledgement of the role UASs can play, particularly in regional development.

From the text:

“More public-private partnerships were launched (Bio-Based Industries, Shift2Rail, etc.), eating away the budget for collaborative projects.”

“Loans are not a suitable instrument for UAS, as national laws make it impossible for universities to take out loans.”

“[Social sciences and humanities] should however receive a greater focus by raising the amount of calls addressing specific social concerns (e.g. migration) as a central theme.”

Read the ful report here.

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