18 Feb 2016   |   News

X Prize and IBM to award $4.5M for artificial intelligence breakthrough

Three winners will be chosen at the TED conference in 2020

The IBM Watson AI X Prize, announced yesterday at the TED talk conference in Vancouver, will offer $4.5 million for the biggest breakthrough in artificial intelligence in the next three years.

The founder of the X Prize Foundation Peter Diamandis, and David Kenny, head of the Watson Artificial Intelligence system at IBM, jointly called for submissions that show, "How humans can collaborate with powerful cognitive and AI technologies capable of solving some of the world's grand challenges." This could be in fields ranging from climate change to education, to healthcare.

Between 2016 and 2020, teams will present at IBM's World of Watson conference, with the winners advancing to the next year. The ultimate winner will be chosen in 2020. IBM is putting up the prize money.

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