27 Oct 2015   |   Network Updates   |   Update from Esade
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Emergency-response drones

DEA Drones, ESADE Business School


The problem: Every week, a new civilian drone application shows up. But to date uptake has not been very high. One reason is the lack of supporting infrastructure, including telecommunications, ground stations and pilots.

The solution: DEA Drones says it can bring all these elements together and help create drone-driven emergency response services for medics, police, fire brigade, search and rescue, disaster relief and coast guards.

In November, the European Emergency Association will release a paper, to which DEA Drones has contributed, to raise awareness of unmanned aircraft services.

The company: DEA Drones won the Adecco Prize for ‘the most brilliant young idea 2014’. It is part of an expert group formed by the Catalan government to help draw up laws for drones in Spain. The company was founded by Alfonso Zamarro and Jordi Guasch.

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