Moving clinical trials data to the cloud

20 Oct 2015 | Network Updates | Update from University of Luxembourg
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ITTM (Information Technology for Translational Medicine), University of Luxembourg

The problem: As the price and size of clinical trials goes up, investigators need to think more carefully about data management.

The answer: ITTM is a team of data scientists and IT experts with a track record in managing enormous volumes of biomedical data. The company focuses mainly on translational medicine studies and clinical trials, and curates diverse data in a secure data centre in Luxembourg. According to the company, its cloud-based clinical trial platform allows information to be shared and managed quickly and securely, decreasing costs and speeding up R&D. ITTM can also advise on and facilitate projects that require heavy data crunching.

The company: ITTM was founded in 2013 by Reinhard Schneider, Venkata Satagopam and Andreas Kremer. It is a partner in several research projects funded by the European Science Foundation and the EU.

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