03 Dec 2014   |   Network News

NCC Group launches Automotive Cyber Security Research Partnership with the University of Warwick

A research partnership focused on Automotive Cyber Security Research has been set up by global information assurance specialist NCC Group and WMG, at the University of Warwick.

The research partnership will make use of WMG's world-leading expertise in technology innovation, focusing on high-impact research and collaborative security projects with the automotive industry.

NCC Group will sponsor a number of PhD students to carry out their studies, focusing on cutting-edge research in the field of automotive cyber security.

The Group's own automotive specialists will be providing support to the students and actively engaging on the collaborative industry projects.

Most modern cars run software and have embedded systems that are connected to each other, which has made the car a major target for cyber criminals. The potential and realities of 'car hacking' are regularly making the headlines, with the automotive industry currently playing catch up in an attempt to improve the security of the systems that are currently used.

NCC Group has extensive experience in the automotive space, working with a number of the major car manufacturers and developing bespoke tools to test and improve the unique infrastructure found within vehicles.

Professor Tim Watson, Director of the Cyber Security Centre, said: "WMG is one of the few industry focused research centres in the world that combines both a long history of manufacturing technology transfer to leading automotive vehicle manufacturers and also a centre of excellence in cyber security.

“WMG is an ideal environment for automotive cyber security research and this partnership with NCC Group will make a significant contribution to WMG's Cyber Security Centre developing as a world-leading centre of excellence in automotive cyber security."

Rob Cotton, CEO at NCC Group, added: "We are fierce advocates of cyber security within academia, and establishing this centre of excellence will help further knowledge about the emerging threats posed to vehicles of all kinds.

"As a society we rely on vehicles every single day, which us why the need for security research in this field is so urgent. Crucially, this research will involve the automotive industry too, meaning that the work carried out will lead to real improvements across the sector. With WMG's track record of bringing together business and academia, I've no doubt this will be a huge success."


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