Chalmers: 1,000 km on one litre of fuel

17 Oct 2012 | Network Updates

Super fuel-efficient Vera covered 1,115 km in August in a competi tion held at the Nokian Tyres test track in Finland.The current Swedish record, held by the same Vera, built and developed by the Chalmers Eco Marathon Team, is 1,243 km.

These incredible results are achieved with the aid of a carbon-fibre construction and powered by a combustion engine. The super-light car has three wheels and is shaped like a droplet. The first version of Vera was built in 2006 as part of an elective course. From now on, the Marathon Team will function as a non-profit student association and they are looking to bring in students from the lower years.

"The team will also comprise a number of old team members which will ensure better continuity," says team leader Anders Johansson, a PhD student in applied mechanics.

Several fuel efficiency competitions are held each year and the aim is to inspire technicians to develop energy-efficient vehicles. The most important competition is probably the Shell Eco Marathon, the European leg of which was held in Rotterdam in the spring. Vera didn't do too well and that was perhaps what spurred on the team, who travelled to Finland in search of revenge. "1,115 km is the second-best result Vera has ever achieved. We now hope that the new association, with a mixture of young students and engineering graduates, will help us break new records."

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