02 Mar 2011   |   News

UK technology transfer body welcomes new model agreements for collaborative research

University technology transfer offices in the UK welcome the government's move to extend the existing range of model research agreements, says their representational body PraxisUnico.

PraxisUnico, the body representing UK university technology transfer offices welcomed the UK government’s move to extend the existing range of model research agreements to include agreements between companies, universities and the National Health Service (NHS), saying it will help in streamlining the setting up of collaborative research projects in health.

Phil Clare, PraxisUnico Chairman said the initiative recognises the importance of UK universities and the NHS contributing to industry R&D into new and improved products and treatments.  “These collaborations are one way in which UK universities contribute to the improvement in the health of individuals and the reduction in costs to the NHS, and support the growth of the economy.”

Many PraxisUnico members have been involved in supporting the development of the contracts.  “Like all good agreements we are sure that they will continue to be refined in practice; they are an excellent starting point, and should contribute to the quicker initiation of clinical trials,” Clare said.

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