17 Jan 2011   |   News

Aberdeen: Software developed for nutritional analysis of foods, meals and diets

WinDiets has been developed over many years by nutritionist and lecturer at Robert Gordon University (Aberdeen, Scotland), Dr. Alan Wise. Dr. Wise started development with software called Diets for the BBC Micro and mainframe in the 1980s which was used by students for dietary analysis.

In 1996 the first retail version, Diet5 for Windows was written for MS Windows and a short time afterwards, WinDiets was produced as a simple program specifically for use by schools.

In 2002, Diet5 was renamed to WinDiets and provided in Standard, Professional and Research versions. In 2005 WinDiets was rewritten to take advantage of new web technologies and in 2008 WinDiets was updated with the consolidated UK food tables and new US food tables. During this period WinDiets Personal was developed to target individuals interested in dietary analysis.

2010 sees the introduction of the WinDiets Global version providing access to international food tables.

Key Benefits

WinDiets has the potential to be a valuable addition to the product portfiolo of nutrition professional and/or software developer.


Robert Gordon University is looking for partners interested collaboration, acquisition, licensing or a joint venture that will result in the redevelopment of the desktop based WinDiets into an online format. This format change has the potential to significantly broaden the uptake of the product globally.

The ideal partner would have a unique combination of skills and experience in sales, web development, dietetics/nutrition and software support. Some initial co-development funding may be available. The exact partnership structure is open to negotiation.

IP Status

Domain Names

More information: www.windiets.co.uk

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