16 Dec 2010   |   News

Imperial spin-out Photobiotics seals deal with pharma company

PhotoBiotics Ltd, a specialist in antibody conjugation technologies, has announced it has entered into a funded collaboration and option agreement with one of the top five pharmaceutical companies. 

This will explore the benefits of PhotoBiotics’ proprietary OptiLink antibody-drug conjugation (ADC) platform in a new indication.  No further details were disclosed.

“This is an important endorsement for PhotoBiotics,” Till Medinger, PhotoBiotics’ chairman said, “We look forward to seeing the benefits of our ADC technology for targeted imaging and therapy being applied in additional indications.” 

PhotoBiotics, a spin-out from Imperial College London, is developing OptiLink, a technology for linking, or conjugating drug compounds to antibody fragments. This allows drugs to be precisely targeted, enhancing efficacy and selectivity, and raising the prospect of developing therapeutics and diagnostic imaging products in a range of diseases.

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