11 Nov 2010   |   Network Updates

Karolinska extends stem cell partnership to the Mayo Clinic

Karolinska Institutet announced a new collaboration in regenerative medicine with Minnesota University and the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, at symposium last week, held as part of the Karolinska’s bicentenary celebration.

Scientists from the three institutions took part in the symposium, which aimed to give an overview of regenerative medicine and the potential applications of this research.

The event was opened by President Harriet Wallberg-Henriksson, who announced the new collaboration. While the Karolinska Institutet has worked closely with Minnesota University for over 20 years, the partnership will now be extended to include the Mayo Clinic, The ‘Frontiers in Biomedical Research Partnership’, will cover regenerative medicine, the application of genomics and other ‘Omics technologies, and immunity.

“What is unique about the collaboration is that it involves more than the exchange of postdocs. We will be building up a system for collaboration between the various research groups. The postdocs who are admitted are important links and ambassadors for the activities, but what is most important is establishing collaboration between the various research groups,” says Jan Palmblad of the Karolinska, who was involved in setting up the partnership.

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