02 Jan 2007   |   News

Technology for sale from Oxford University

Item submitted by Isis Innovation

The following technologies have recently been added to the Isis Innovation portfolio. For more information or to arrange a conversation with one of our project managers please e-mail: cynthia.warmington@isis.ox.ac.uk

Inhibitors in Allergy and Inflammation
Researchers at the University of Oxford have identified an inhibitor with potential therapeutic use for the treatment of allergy and inflammatory disorders.

Prevention of Auto-Reactivity with Inhibitory Antibody Superagonists
A new method to inhibit auto-reactivity using antibody superagonists that specifically target inhibitory cell surface receptors reliant on extrinsic tyrosine kinases.

A New Treatment for Neurodegenerative Disease
A novel mechanism to protect neurons from the cell death underlying Parkinson’s disease.

A Neurotrophic Compound in Treatment of Depression
Research at Oxford University’s experimental psychology department has demonstrated a potential new drug treatment for depression.

MRI Protection for Occupationally-Exposed Workers
An innovative MRI screen technology meets the new European limits for protecting exposed workers from time-varying electromagnetic fields during MRI scanning.

Brain Mapping and Analysis
The Oxford FMRIB (Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging of the Brain) group is dedicated to the continual improvement and understanding of functional MRI, and has recently issued version 3.3 of its well proven software library (FSL).

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