18 Jun 2007   |   News

Cranfield University seeks industrial partner for PhD student

Seeking industrial partnership

Dr. John Economu, power and drive systems group lecturer from the Department of Aerospace, Power and Sensors at Cranfield University, is looking for an industrial partner for a Regional Industrial CASE Award for a PhD studentship to start in October 2007.

His work is in the areas of UAVs fault tolerant control, land vehicles, robotics, skid and steer vehicles with topics on:

Multi vehicle control

Fault tolerant control of transport convoy vehicles

Fault tolerant control of multi wheel multi actuator land vehicles

Intelligent based control of complex hybrid vehicle drivelines

Mathematical modelling and control of advanced driveline vehicle configurations

Internal Resource control for Multi purpose Hybrid-electric driveline vehicles

Dr. Economou already successfully supervises PhD students in the area of UAVs.

The partnering company is required to contribute only £7,000 per year over three and half years towards the student’s stipend and university costs, plus a contribution towards student travel expenses. For further details see the Industrial CASE grant conditions which can be found on the EPSRC website.

The company must be:

Located within the East of England Development Agency region (Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, Norfolk, Suffolk) with some form of Research & Development facility / department

Prepared to jointly supervise the student with the academic institution

Prepared to provide a placement for the student at their premises (at least three months during the three years)

The project has to be research based and the route for commercial exploitation has to be clearly identified.

The deadline for application is 13 July 2007.

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