24 Jun 2007   |   News

Oxford spin-out seeks nanobiotechnology partnership

Partnership Opportunity

Oxford NanoLabs, a nanobiotechnology diagnostic company, is looking for partnership to develop their products for applications in genomics, pharmacogenomics and high-throughput drug discovery.

“We are an early stage company and are looking for partnerships with companies interested in collaborations for joint development of this exciting technology,” said Dr. Spike Willcocks, director of business development at Oxford NanoLabs.

The 'Nanopore' technology uses protein pores to detect, with a high degree of sensitivity, a range of molecules.  The technology is based on the research of Hagan Bayley, Professor of Chemical Biology at the Oxford University’s Chemistry Department, and an expert in membrane protein engineering and stochastic sensing.

“The focus of the company is the development of sensors for biomolecule detection and analysis, whether that be the use of protein nanopores for ultra-fast DNA sequencing or high-throughput screening of ion channels for drug discovery,” added Dr. Willcocks.

The company aims to develop the technology into hand-held diagnostic medical testing devices and in the longer term to use the membrane protein and genome sequencing research for applications in drug discovery.

Oxford NanoLabs spun-out of the University of Oxford in June 2005.

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