14 Nov 2007   |   News

Online fraud prevention start up raises £200,000

So Protect Me Ltd, a start-up developing software to prevent online credit card misuse, has won £200,000 from Merseyside Special Investment Fund’s Liverpool Seed Fund.

The company’s So Protect Me Payment Blocker stops credit cards details being used on a PC. The software, which retails at £14.99, uses advanced sensing technology to provide security features for both home and business users.

Raj Curwen CEO said, “The So Protect Me Payment Blocker can prevent all credit entry on a computer, or it can allow access to cards registered with the software once a user has successfully answered a security question.”

Darren Gowling, investment director of the Liverpool Seed Fund said: “Online credit card fraud is a widespread problem and this company’s innovative software is a simple and effective way of preventing it.”

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