C2X Pharma and Inserm outlicense clotting agent to Novo Nordisk

19 Dec 2007 | News

French biotechnology company C2X Pharma and the French National Institute for Health and Medical Research (Inserm) agreed a world wide license with Novo Nordisk for thrombin-activable factor X.

The protein, which is in early preclinical development, is a novel agent that is capable of propagating blood clotting independently of factors VIII and IX. Novo Nordisk

intends to explore its potential as a new treatment option for haemophilia and other critical bleeding conditions.

The agreement supports Novo Nordisk’s ambition to expand its portfolio of projects within haemophilia and haemostasis through partnerships with biotech companies and research institutions around the world.

Thrombin-activable factor X was discovered by Martine Aiach, Bernard Le Bonniec, Pierre-Emmanuel Marque and their team at Unit Inserm 428, the Pharmaceutical and Biological Sciences Faculty at René Descartes University, and further developed to its current stage by C2X Pharma.

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