06 Jan 2009   |   News

Cytos Biotechnology gets milestones as Pfizer takes up option

Cytos Biotechnology Ltd has announced that Pfizer Vaccines has exercised its options under the agreement signed by the two companies in August 2008, and has taken commercial licenses for specified vaccines based on Cytos’ Immunodrug technology.

These vaccines incorporate specific disease targets, which Zurich-based Cytos says are outside the scope of its own R&D programmes. The company retains the right to commercialise vaccines against different targets in the same diseases.

This triggers payments to Cytos. Mark Dyer, Executive Vice President Business Development of Cytos Biotechnology. said, “The decision to execute these commercial license agreements is a measure of the importance Pfizer places on Cytos Biotechnology’s Immunodrugs as a key component of its vaccines pipeline.”

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