06 Jan 2009   |   News

UK: Research brokering offered for UK nano companies to develop transport applications

Development Opportunity

The UK Nanotechnology Knowledge Transfer Network (NanoKTN), has launched a research brokering service to link up companies with potential collaborators in the UK’s Materials Knowledge Transfer Network.

Together, the two networks will offer an introduction service to link up technology developers with integrators and end users, and thus foster the development of industrial research consortia that can work together to apply nanomaterials in transport-related applications.

The initial target is to set up consortia that can bid for grants in the UK Technology Strategy Board’s High Value Manufacturing call which will open on 19 January 2009, with expressions of interest due by 26 February.

“Nanotechnology encompasses enabling technologies which can revolutionise materials and processes, but integrating these into end applications requires a networking and communication process which we aim to facilitate,” says Martin Kemp of NanoKTN. Several of the themes of High Value Manufacturing, such as High Value Products and Sustainable Processes, are relevant.

The two networks hope the cross-fertilisation will lead to the to development of nano-enhanced materials of relevance to transport.

Nanomaterials, materials, and transport companies interested in finding partners or discussing in confidence a proposal idea, can contact Martin Kemp, NanoKTN at:martin.kemp@nanoktn.com or Colin Johnstone, Materials KTN at:colin.johnston@materials.ox.ac.uk.

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