SuperSonic raises €26M in second round

27 May 2009 | News


ICSO Private Equity and Wellington Partners have led the extension of second round funding for French ultrasound specialist SuperSonic Imagine, taking the round to a total of €26 million.

This financing will take SuperSonic Imagine to the industrialisation and commercialisation phase of the Aixplorer Ultrasound System, with its first clinical application in diagnosing pathological changes in the breast. The system has received the CE Mark and is now marketed through three offices in France, Germany and the UK, as well as through distributors in 20 other countries.

Jacques Souquet, founder and CEO of SuperSonic Imagine, said, “We are delighted by the trust Wellington and our other investors have placed in us, and we are excited about the very good response we have received from the market regarding our unique technology, which will revolutionize ultrasound medical imaging.”

The company’s imaging technology, called transient elastography, allows tissue elasticity to be measured and quantified, which is of great importance for early detection of malignant tumors like breast cancer.

This investment sees Wellington Partners further expanding its portfolio of medtech companies. The firm has invested in companies including the orthopedic specialist Implanet, colonoscopy specialist invendo medical, and glaucoma diagnostic company Sensimed.

Wellington Partner Erich Schlick said, “In times of strained budgets and global recession, the healthcare systems of all major developed countries are longing for innovative and at the same time highly cost-efficient medical devices. SuperSonic has developed such a technology, which will help patients as there is a higher chance of an early detection of tumors, and at the same time will help healthcare systems avoid expensive treatments of late-stage cancer.”

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