08 Sep 2009   |   News

123Venture invests in solar and biogas power plants


Paris-based private equity company 123Venture has made investments of €2.5 million in Solar Mimizan and €1.5 million in Margeriaz Energie, operators of solar and biogas power plants.

123Venture partnered with Frey Nouvelles Energies, one of France’s leading investors in renewable energies, to invest in Solar Mimizan, an operator of building-integrated solar power plants, and Mariagaz, an operator of biogas power plants.

Arthur Rozen, President of Frey Energies, said, “The investment of [123Venture] will allow us to accelerate the development of our activity in power plant operation at a time when we have several projects under way, which amount to production of 85 MW on a two-year horizon.”

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