Seven partners team up for FP7 flow processes project

15 Sep 2009 | News


AM Technology Ltd is joining Serichim Srl, Flamma SA, Apotechnia SA, Carbopharm GmbH, PSE Ltd and LD&TI Sri in a Framework Programme 7 project that aims to develop flow processes for industrial synthesis of pharmaceutical compounds.

The partners say greater use of flow chemistry will bring substantial benefits in terms of reduced manufacturing costs, lower carbon footprints and less pollution. However, developing flow chemistry techniques for industrial pharmaceutical processes poses a variety of technical and regulatory hurdles. The Pharmagen project will use a multi-disciplinary approach for tackling these problems.

“Simultaneously controlling axial dispersion, mixing rate and reaction time in flow reactors can be very difficult, particularly where there is more than one phase,” said Robert Ashe of AM Technology.

“This project brings together an outstanding combination of skills from manufacturing, simulation, engineering and chemistry. This approach will greatly accelerate the problem-solving process in what is a complex area of process control”

AM Technology specialises in the design and construction of both batch and continuous reactors.

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