22 Sep 2009   |   News

Imperial spin-out Cell Medica raises £1.95M to commercialise cell therapy

Funding round completed

Cell Medica Ltd, an early stage cellular therapy company developing treatments for infectious disease and cancer, has raised £1.95 million in a funding round led by Imperial Innovations Group plc.

Imperial Innovations invested £1.19 million, with the balance coming from existing private investors. Cell Medica has now raised a total of £4.5 million since it was set up in 2007 to commercialise a cell therapy technique that protects patients with weakened immune systems against latent cytomegalovirus infections, particularly after bone marrow transplants.

The company received seed funding from Imperial Innovations and backed by a translational research grant from the Wellcome Trust, to fund a Phase III trial of the therapy, which is in part based on technology developed at Imperial College.

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