28 Oct 2009   |   News

Envirogene signs deal to apply PetroGene in Gulf of Mexico oil and gas exploration


EnviroGene Ltd, which is developing molecular diagnostics as an aid in prospecting for natural resources, has announced an alliance with TDI-Brooks International for PetroGene, an oil and gas prospecting service.

Texas-based TDI-Brooks is widely acknowledged as a world leader in off-shore oil and gas field exploration services.

Under the terms of the alliance, EnviroGene of Tredomen, Wales, will provide sample preparation, laboratory analysis and data interpretation and reporting. TDI-Brooks will provide access to market and field sampling capabilities, in particular for off-shore sampling. The alliance has an initial term of 1 year, and provides TDI-Brooks with exclusive access to apply PetroGene in the Gulf of Mexico, and non-exclusive rights elsewhere.

PetroGene is intended to complement seismic and standard geochemical approaches to prospecting for oil, to improve the success rate of exploratory oil and gas drilling. The technique identifies soil microbial populations metabolising hydrocarbons that have risen to the surface from underground reservoirs. As soil microbial activity can eradicate hydrocarbon signatures, the PetroGene tests for particular microbial genes are a valuable tool in the exploration of oil and gas fields.

Mark Chadwick, CEO of EnviroGene, said, “We’re excited to be working with the world leader in off-shore oil and gas field exploration. The alliance is a key step in our strategy for market penetration for PetroGene, and demonstrates the level of confidence that the industry has in the technology.”

“Groundbreaking technologies such as PetroGene enter the market only once every few decades,” said Bernie Bernard, VP and Chief Technology Officer, TDI-Brooks International. “We’re really excited about the potential of the approach, and are looking forward to working with EnviroGene.”

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