Magnetic gearbox for continuously variable transmission

11 Nov 2009 | News

Development opportunity

A variable ratio magnetic gearbox which offers the prospect of a clutch-less, continuously variable transmission, rather than the fixed ratio transmission system currently used in electric cars, is under development at Strathclyde University, Scotland.

The researchers say the gearbox would improve the performance of electric vehicles in terms of top speed, cruising efficiency and gradient ability. In addition, maintaining the drive system at optimum efficiency independent of road speed will increase the range of an electric vehicle.

Amongst other benefits the researchers claim the gearbox will maximise efficiency in a simpler fashion than any other competing technology, no lubricants are required, and there are advantages in terms of lower weight, ease of servicing and expected lifetime

The university would like to hear from organisations and investors interested in developing the technology. For more information, visit the project’s page at:

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