High pulse energy ultrafast laser source for imaging, spectroscopy and micromachining

17 Feb 2010 | News

Licensing opportunity

Researchers at Heriot-Watt University in Scotland have developed a new type of ultrafast laser and are looking for licensees to develop it across the range of possible applications.

There are currently two main types of ultrafast laser that are distinguished by the laser pump configuration. These are Optical Parameter Oscillators (OPO) and Optical Parameter Amplifiers (OPA). Within an ultrafast laser system, an OPO typically offers high repetition rate lower energy pulses, while the OPA system gives higher energy pulses with a lower repetition rate.

The Heriot-Watt laser source offers the benefits of higher pulse energy (up to 1000 nJ/pulse) combined with a repetition rate approaching several 10’s of MHz, filling the repetition/power gap between OPO and OPA technologies.

Full design and technical specifications are available under a confidentiality agreement.

The researchers say the laser is suitable for multi photon bio-imaging applications in microscopy; micromachining and waveguide writing in glass, crystal, and so on; long range spectroscopy in explosives detection; and as a broadband source in laser ranging and security imaging.

Proof of concept been demonstrated on an optical bench and UK and US patent applications have been filed and priority dates established of May 2009. The technology is available for license in all fields of use.

For more information, visit the project’s page at: http://www.university-technology.com/details/high-pulse-energy-ultrafast-laser-source-for-imaging,-spectroscopy--micromachining

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