26 May 2010   |   Network Updates

TU Delft: joins sustainable airport project

TU Delft is to take part in theGROUNDS Schiphol, a project organised by Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam, in which companies and research institutes are jointly developing sustainable technologies for use at the airport. TU Delft will collaborate with Wageningen University and Research Centre, and TNO Imtech.

The project will involve research in the fields of sustainable mobility, energy, water and the built environment. “theGROUNDS is a catalyst, accelerating [the delivery of] groundbreaking innovations and new products,” said Jos Nijhuis, President & CEO of Schiphol Group.

Schiphol wants theGROUNDS to take its successful micro-algae pilot further. In this project, sewage is broken down by micro-algae to produce clean water and heat, which will be used to heat airport buildings.

Schiphol has the ambition to be CO2 neutral in 2020 and to own and operate sustainable energy generation capacity that provides 20 per cent of its needs.

The researchers will come together to work on the projects at an incubator in the grounds of the airport. In the future, it is expected that other research institutes will be involved in the project.

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