26 May 2010   |   News

Senexis seeks partners for Alzheimer’s programme

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Senexis Limited has identified drug candidates from different and novel chemical series that have shown potential as disease-modifying treatments for Alzheimer’s disease and is now looking for development partners.

The Cambridge-based company recently secured a further tranche of funding from the UK research charity the Wellcome Trust to support the preclinical research under its Seeding Drug Discovery programme, and has filed two further patents.

Using proprietary drug screening technologies, Senexis has identified compounds that target the soluble assemblies of brain proteins that are a toxic form of amyloid. These compounds have been selected for their ability to prevent amyloid from aggregating.

The effect is to protect against amyloid toxicity well before the formation of the tell-tale plaques that are used to classify the disease.

In parallel to initiating preclinical development, Senexis is now seeking clinical development partners. Mark Treherne, CEO, said, “We are delighted that the Wellcome Trust has continued to support the company, so that we can progress our compounds into preclinical development. The release of this tranche of funding was only approved after rigorous review by the Trust’s experienced panel of external consultants. This detailed scrutiny emphasises the value of our discovery platform and we are now ideally placed to explore a range of commercial transactions with suitable development partners.”

For more information, visit the Senexis website: http://www.senexis.com/opportunities.html

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