30 Jun 2010   |   Network Updates   |   Update from Innovate UK
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TSB: six awards for feasibility studies in domestic low energy lighting

The Technology Strategy Board has awarded grants to six companies to carry out technical feasibility studies in the first phase of an initiative to develop more energy-efficient lighting for homes.

The £1.2 million research fund is designed to help the companies to become market leaders in ultra energy-efficient lighting, which will contribute to reduced energy consumption. The companies have been awarded up to £40,000 each to carry out work, over the next three months, to show the technical feasibility of their proposed concepts.

The feasibility studies will then be assessed and the proposals with the most promising technologies will receive up to £450,000 to develop and evaluate prototypes or demonstration units. These will then be subjected to a vigorous 6-month field trial.

The contracts were awarded through the Small Business Research Initiative (SBRI), to Cambridge Consultants Ltd, Juice Technology Ltd, Marl International Ltd, PhotonStar LED Ltd, Tridonic Atco (UK) Ltd and Zeta Controls Ltd.  Mark Glover, the Head of SBRI, said ultra energy-efficient lighting could transform homes and energy use. “At the end of the demonstration period, we want to see high-quality, compact ultra-efficient lighting that everyone would be happy to use at home.”

The companies have until 9 September to submit their feasibility study reports. They will be notified of the decision regarding full development contracts in early October 2010.

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