Oxford: Improving the Designs of Turbines

22 Sep 2010 | News

Licensing opportunity

Oxford University’s Engineering Department has developed a different nozzle design to improve the efficiency of jet engines and gas or steam turbines, through reduced aerodynamics loss and better cooling performance.

The axial flow turbine is a critical component in the majority of the world’s primary energy conversion. It powers jet airplanes and is at the core of most electricity generation and as such there is an ongoing desire to improve its efficiency. Indeed, as concern increases over the future of our environment this is becoming more than just a financial goal.

Isis Innovation now offers a new design with improved efficiency of the nozzle guide vane section of the turbine. The flow in this region is highly complex and can generate significant losses.

The Oxford invention is a novel shape of nozzle for accelerating and turning flow in a gas turbine stator or rotor. The principal feature of the design is a highly 3-dimensional shaping of the entry which is blended with the hub and case endwalls of the annulus. The resultant cross section in the plane normal to the axial direction is either circular or ellipsoidal as opposed to the traditional principally square or rectangular sections. The passage is gradually blended to a rectangular exit duct thus making the design entirely compatible with existing turbine designs.

Looking for a development partner

This invention is relevant to any turbine design and manufacturing company. The researchers at Oxford are very keen to explore opportunities to develop this design in collaboration with an industrial partner.

A patent application covering this invention has been filed in the UK. Isis would like to talk to turbine design and manufacturing companies that are interested in developing this design.

For further information, contact Isis innovation, quoting: Project Number 4218 - Improving the Designs of Turbines.

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