06 Oct 2010   |   Network Updates

ETH Zurich: McGill University to join Neuroscience centre

McGill University, Canada is to collaborate with Zurich University and ETH Zurich in neuroscience research. The collaboration, backed by CAN$200,000 (€141,800) in annual funding for three years, will see the institutions exchange scientists, develop research projects, establish fellowships for the exchange of graduate students, provide seed money for pilot studies and hold workshops into a variety of neuroscience research areas.

The two Swiss institutions are partners in the Neuroscience Centre of Zurich, which brings together 440 neuroscientists in clinical and basic research. “We are delighted to advance our […] neuroscience research through an international partnership with a leading network of neuroscience researchers,” said McGill Principal and Vice-Chancellor, Heather Munroe-Blum who, accompanied by Rémi Quirion, Vice-Dean for Science and Strategic Initiatives in McGill’s Faculty of Medicine, signed the memorandum of understanding in Switzerland.

Quirion said, “The Swiss neuroscience research centre is at the forefront of where we are headed in better understanding the brain and the central nervous system. Together with our interdisciplinary Brain@McGill programme, we will have the opportunity to make significant advancements in research.”

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