09 Sep 2019   |   News byte

Study shows increasing cooperation between richer and poorer member states under Horizon 2020


Researchers in EU’s first 15 member states appear to have reduced their collaborations with poorer, EU-13 member states during the seventh research framework programme (FP7).

However, the latest data analysed by Pierre-Alexandre Balland, Ron Boschma and Julien Ravet in the Journal of European Planning Studies shows researchers in EU-15 member states have substantially increased the number of projects with EU-13 partners in Horizon 2020.

In FP6, the percentage of connections between EU-15 participants and EU-13 participants was 14.4 per cent of all collaborations involving EU-15 participants. This decreased to 13.3 per cent during FP7, but has increased again to 13.7 per cent in Horizon 2020.

The same study shows the share of collaborations of EU-13 participants with each other has been stable since FP6.

Source: The Journal of European Planning Studies, 2019

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