The top 18 centres of trustworthy artificial intelligence research

24 Aug 2023 | News byte


The EU boasts three of the world’s top 18 centres of trustworthy artificial intelligence research, according to a US-based technology tracker.

Trustworthy AI generally refers to research into how to make the technology explainable, unbiased, reliable, safe or transparent. As AI develops at a rapid pace, there’s a growing need from policymakers, companies and consumers for more research in this area.

In a recent analysis, the Emerging Technology Observatory, a project based at Georgetown University, analysed where this kind of research is happening.

Alongside unsurprising clusters at Google, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Carnegie Mellon University in the US, in the EU, the University of Luxembourg, Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences, and EURECOM, a French research centre near Nice, were some of the world leaders in trustworthy AI.

The Observatory has also looked at which countries are doing the most research into trustworthy AI. The US is leading, followed by China, the UK, Germany, Australia and India.

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