Happy days are here again

The European biotechnology sector is back on track, according to Ernst & Young's 20th annual survey of biotechnology.
12 Apr 2006

It washes, it dries...and it irons...

A University of Plymouth graduate has invented a machine that combines washing, drying and ironing functions with the touch of a button, and he is now looking for investment of up to £5 million to refine the product for the general household use.
11 Apr 2006

The Alcatel-Lucent merger: What about the labs?

What happens to the company labs when there’s a merger? That’s the question many in the telecoms industry are now asking, following news of merger plans by US-based Lucent and France's Alcatel.
11 Apr 2006

Endoart gets $10.5M for obesity device development

Endoart SA, a Swiss company which develops medical devices for the obese, said it has raised CHF13.5 million ($10.5 million) in a series C financing from venture capital funds for product development and clinical trials.
10 Apr 2006

Johnson and Johnson, RNID back UCL hearing research

Johnson & Johnson's Corporate Office of Science & Technology (COSAT) has agreed to fund a research programme on hearing loss conduced by University College London's (UCL) Ear Institute under a partnership between the pharmaceutical giant and RNID, a non-profit organisation for the hearing impaired in the UK.
09 Apr 2006

UK Chroma gets £30M for clinical trials

Chroma Therapeutics Ltd raised £30 million in a third private round, giving the chromatin specialist funding for the next three years and enabling it to advance the lead programme through Phase II clinical studies and bring two further products into the clinic.
09 Apr 2006