Tallinn University of Technology

An internationally successful university

Tallinn University of Technology (TalTech) is the only technical university in Estonia. This is a place where synergy between different fields (engineering, natural, exact, social, and health sciences) is established. This is a place where new ideas are born.

Field of activity & services provided

TalTech is a modern university, providing higher education at all levels in engineering and technology, IT, economics, science, and maritime affairs. As an institution, we are responsible for ensuring the next generation of engineers, scientists and researchers contribute to the sustainable development of Estonia and global society, while also increasing national prosperity through innovative services. There are about 120 research groups at TalTech, mainly engaged in fields defined as our RD priorities: 1) smart and energy efficient environments 2) dependable IT solutions 3) valorisation of natural resources 4) future governance 5) innovative SME-s and digital economy.

Additionally, TalTech is the lead partner for establishing the European Digital Innovation Hub in Estonia (EDIH) which focuses on developing artificial intelligence and robotics technologies.

An inspiring environment

TalTech campus is a testbed for smart city developments and home to over 50 high-tech companies such as Fujitsu and Skype (Microsoft), as well as Starship Technologies which develops autonomous delivery robots for revolutionizing local delivery.

TalTech's Smart Campus is also home to an autonomous vehicle program exploring the way intelligent transportation systems and smart-sensor based solutions can positively impact how we design our cities. Vehicle-to-vehicle communication enables research in sensor-driven junctions, road crossings, and smart road surfaces that improve traffic flow and safety

Excellence in research and innovation

TalTech is a research university where science is transferred into studies and real life through knowledge. TalTech has cooperation projects with top 10 universities (Stanford, Berkeley, MIT, Harvard, etc.), scientists, and companies (Microsoft, Google, IBM, ABB, etc.) of the world.

International cooperation

TalTech is a member of more than 100 international associations in the field of research and higher education. The largest university-wide networks we are active in are: EUA, CESAER, UNICA, NORDTEK, BALTECH, SCIENCE BUSINESS NETWORK, and HERITAGE.

Tallinn University of Technology also participates in the EuroTeQ Engineering University project, along with the 5 top technical universities in Europe (Technical University of Munich, Technical University of Eindhoven, Technical University of Denmark, Ecole Polytechnique, Czech Technical University in Prague).

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