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The INESC Brussels HUB is a strategic bridge between INESC – Portugal’s leading research and technology organisation – and European and global stakeholders. It is a vital partner to universities and companies, a continuous supporter of science-based policy-making, and a trusted contributor to key dialogues about future R&I agendas and priorities.

 INESC was founded in 1980 and has since established itself as a prime example of university-industry partnership through a multidisciplinary approach and focus on excellence and impact across its five main institutes. Beyond an outstanding track record in EU framework programmes – including 700+ projects in Horizon 2020 alone – INESC has, over four decades, developed an extensive international footprint, including longstanding collaboration, investment and projects in the US, Brazil, Japan, India, China, South Korea and in different parts of Africa.

The INESC Brussels HUB focuses on a long-term vision for INESC in Europe and the world, preparing and positioning the organisation for 2030 and beyond. It strives to affirm INESC as a European reference point for its excellence in research and innovation – both in traditional and emergent domains and sectors – and for its capacity to contribute to Europe’s scientific, societal, environmental and economic goals. Within this context, the Hub’s mission and activities are intrinsically tied to four main objectives: 

1. To promote the visibility and reputation of INESC’s research and technology development capacity in Europe and beyond;

2. To facilitate and increase INESC’s representation in key thematic areas, platforms and networks, with a view to being a leading scientific partner in ambitious projects and programmes of strategic interest;

3. To contribute to capacity building of its technical, research and administrative staff in existing and new areas central to its activity;

4.  To position the organisation as a relevant stakeholder in strategic domains as defined by its Management Committee – from AI, power & energy systems and cybersecurity, to advanced computing, bioengineering and microelectronics.

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